Hello patrons of the internet. If you’re here, I either forced you to read this or you dug around deep deep deep into the web to stumble upon this.

So a little about me and where I’m coming from. I’ve worked in the Obama White House from 2014 -2017. I graduated from USC graduate just a few weeks ago having interned in Mayor Garcetti’s Office as well as the Annenberg Dean’s office. And now I deserve a damn break.  Mental health is extremely important to me and the only way for me to get it all out is to travel, so once again, with the perfect timing in hand, I find myself out on another backpacking adventure. This time, through the Mediterranean. This is mostly a solo trip and I will be able to be lost in thought for a large part of my trip. Super excited to see where this takes me.

I’ll be job hunting during my time out, so no fear, I’ll still be getting shit done from afar.