Away From the Desk…. Again

I will be completely truthful about what has happened this last month because I feel like there are a lot of you that can commiserate.

So when we last left off with me heading back home to Los Angeles. I have always loved Los Angeles, but there has always been something missing. I love the food, the people, the beaches, the scene, but I hate hate hate the slow (or slower) pace that work is done. I moved to D.C. because I wanted to put myself where the fire was and it paid off. It gave me the best 3 years of my life and gave some awesome memories and friends. However… D.C. is dry as hell. The people tend to be flat and you never know when someone wants something from you. Plus the food sucks…. The foodie scene is only starting to bud now, and I’m impatient. So if I could fuse the two, LA people and food with the work of D.C., I’d be in my own utopia. But alas, this is the real world so we don’t have that.

When I came back from my traveling, I slumped into a weird depression. You know people always say they need a vacation for their vacation. It’s because you were literally at this awesome experience and now you have to go back to being a somewhat responsible adult. Luckily I have a great base of friends in LA that was all about integrating me back into LA. It’s a weird transition. I was used to not being stuck on a freeway for a million hours. I kind of felt useless too. I used to have so much to do in D.C. our work days were long, but it seemed like there was never enough time to finish everything. Yet I found myself sitting on a couch and searching for my next step.

So my story is that I had left D.C. back in 2014 to go to grad school at USC, but left grad school in 2015 to come back to the White House. So now that I’m back in LA, I’m just waiting for the semester to start, which wouldn’t be until May 22nd for me. So I had so much time to literally do nothing. Most people would chill out and relax, but having nothing to do has the opposite effect for me. I get anxiety and stressed. It had gotten pretty bad to the point where my insomnia was flaring up again. I wasn’t sleeping until 4 am, or 6am. I literally laid in bed staring at the ceiling or trying to close my eyes for a million hours, before I had to find some hypnotic playlist to put me to sleep. This just kept getting worse.

I found an enormous amount of self-inflicted pressure to find a new job asap. I started looking for things back in D.C. and New York because the thought of being in LA and not doing anything was slowly killing me. I’ve always loved to travel and being grounded really gets me antsy. I had nothing to do for another 2 months so I thought that it would be the perfect time to go to my dream vacation….. Disney World.

So I hopped on a plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan. Also… for those who think I’m made of money….. I’m telling you…. I find cheap ass flights.

Then wore my glitter ears and was off. It was everything I had wished for an more. Disney will always be the most magical thing to me. But I digress.

So while I was trying to figure things out, I had plans to meet with some D.C. folks for next step opportunities. When I told my dad I was heading back to D.C. real quick, he told me that if it’s for jobs, I shouldn’t do it. If I left for D.C. again, I wouldn’t ever go back to school…. And he’s right… I have to finish school. I’m so close to the finish line. So D.C. turned into a quick stop here and there.

As I was reliving what happened on my backpacking trip with my parents, they got googly eyes. The travel bug bit them and it bit them hard. A few factors went into their decision to bring me back to Vietnam.

  • David starts med school/ moves up there mid-August.
  • I end the summer semester at the end of August (ergo our schedules would prevent one of us from going on a family vacation
  • Med school = a billion more years of school
  • Parents are getting older
  • I don’t start classes until May 22

So that brings me to why I’m currently at the Taiwan Airport waiting for my connecting flight back to Vietnam. This was just the perfect time for us. Who knows when we’ll all have synced calendars ever again.

ALSO… travelling with the Phan Fam has its perks… like not having to live in hostels…. and not having to concentrate on translating because I got 2 translators with me at all times.

So here is to another 18 days of being away from the desk.


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