All Good Things Must Come to an End

This is it… this is the last week of this adventure. I’ve had the time of my life. I’m going to try to  not count down the days, but it’s hard to want to head back to the desk. While I’ve been out and about, I’ve been in constant contact with USC about the upcoming semester and it literally kills me to have to leave the tropics to go back to LA.

I have been so fortunate to be able to travel for this long. If I could, I would extend another month and a few more places to my belt. To be frank, the idea of going back to school is pretty daunting to me. The new cohort doesn’t even know me and I have no clue about them. I’ve already been placed in a group, but they haven’t been able to meet up and get their goals together yet. It freaks me out to think that I’m going to be the new kid because you know….. I don’t like to make new friends.

So I’m now in Vietnam and have been for about 2 weeks. It’s been great to stay with my family in Saigon. My cousin and his family now live in the family house and they welcomed me with open arms. My cousin’s wife is the She is probably the best cook ever. I looked forward to every morning where I could come downstairs and there was a cafe sua da mixed to perfection.

One thing that has been easy for me is speaking Vietnamese. I grew up being taken care of by my grandparents. They spoke to me in only Vietnamese, thus is where I learned to speak and understand. Now, by no means did I say I was good. I can get around well off with my Viet. Another thing is that I don’t really look like a typical Vietnamese person so it really throws people off when I start speaking to them. It’s a lost art in my family. My younger cousins don’t understand Vietnamese at all and my older cousins can understand, but have a hard time speaking.

I started in Saigon and made my way up to Hanoi and then back down to Nha Trang. The full Vietnam experience. I’ve been trying to go off the beaten track this round. HOWEVER, with Dina traveling with me, we had talked about her expectations for the trip. She isn’t a backpacking kind of gal so we have been staying at hotels. I miss the hostel living! I feel super isolated in hotels.

I’ve learned a lot while I’ve been in Vietnam.

  1. I still don’t care for Pho
  2. All my American friends ALWAYS want Pho… like for every meal… you all know who you are…. I hate you
  3. Foreigners hate Trump and always tell me that once I tell them I’m American
  4. My great uncle thinks that my mom is the most brave and good hearted person he knows for allowing my dad to sponsor and house all of his siblings (7 families)
  5. All my family who stop by like to bring me a shitton of fruit
  6. It has been hard to find a cheap tailor in Nha Trang
  7. My stomach isn’t as strong as I wish/ thought it was…. I got food poisoned in Hanoi
  8. The beaches aren’t as tropical as I thought they’d be…. aka Bali had the best beaches ever
  9. Netflix is the best now that it has the download option

This is a shorter post, but there is just so much adventure that I can’t really put it all into words.

Overall, my final thoughts before I head back to the states: I’m going to miss the adventure and uncertainty of being on the road. Tonga and Jonathan are already planning the next one, but I’m a broke gal so now is the time to head home and get back to fighting the good fight.


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