Learning How to Use Our Backpacks

Dear Online Diary,

It’s day 5 of our trip and we have finally figured out how to use our backpacks correctly. There are two main compartments that separates everything. It had been really frustrating almost losing our packs in Athens so we decided to repack our bags and see what we could do. Our packs were built up so high that it was annoying to try to get past a flight attendant without them wanting to check our bags. At one point, we couldn’t get our packs to fit in the overhead compartment, but the doors had already closed to the plane that we had to sit the bags between out legs and cover it with a scarf and jacket. IT WORKED TOO! After about an hour of silently working on packing, Tonga had a light bulb moment.

We had originally packed based off of a tetris fit, but with this new method (new to us) we realized that the bottom half expands. The top half doesn’t expand which is why when you put things in it, you have to build up because it doesn’t expand outwards, whereas the bottom half builds outwards. Clothes had been an issue for us. We packed pretty lightly too (at least as lightly as we can), but couldn’t figure out why it was taking all of our space.

In my pack:

  • 4 thin tanks
  • 2 long sleeves (planning on shedding after Europe)
  • 3 work out/ yoga pants
  • 3 cotton dresses
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of leggings
  • 8 pairs of underwear
  • 5 bras/ sport bras
  • 2 bathing suits
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • Water shoes
  • Teva hiking sandals
  • Nikes
  • Sperrys
  • Small Bag of medicine
  • Bed liner
  • Microfiber towel
  • GoPro
  • Laptop
  • Ipad
  • DSLR
  • Chargers
  • Small bag of toiletries
  • Snorkel Mask

Tonga had packed her items first and had moved all her clothes to the bottom compartment. Everything else was put into the top half and somehow that shaved off about 5 inches from the top. I did the same, putting my clothes and towel at the bottom, moving everything else to the top half. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t do it myself. I shaved it down half of the original size! So in the picture below the backpack on the left is the original pack and on the right is the newly packed backpack. You can’t see it, but there is still hella space left. The red line on the right backpack indicates where the pack is currently filled.


I have a lot of space left!!!! It’s such a great and happy revelation!

Onto the next stop!


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