Travel from 2/1/17 – 2/3/17

Traveling with an itinerary has proven to be the equivalent of a puzzle for me. Many people have asked how I have been able to take this trip and how much it is costing me. So the span of 2 months = 19 different cities with all flights is coming out to around $2000. As the trip begins, I’ve set some boundaries for myself. I have a budget of $30 per day (but I can stack up a few days together if I end up paying for an excursion. This includes transportation around the city, food, any trinkets. Europe will definitely be more expensive than South East Asia and so far day 3, I’ve been able to adhere to is budget.

Recap of what’s happened the last few days of travel in a few segments:


  • My backpack proved to be heavier than I originally thought it was going to be. I’m pretty upset that I’m lugging around my laptop. It’s pretty heavy. I am glad, however; that I’ve brought my camera. Totally worth it. I’ve been taking out the daypack and carrying up front and the backpack on my back. This has been a lot less stressful on me. I can feel myself shrinking every time I put the backpack on.
  • As we were leaving Copenhagen, we were forced to check in our bags. I had a bad feeling about it so I took all of my electronics out into my daypack. Once we arrived to Athens, we hadn’t seen our backpacks and everyone else On our flight had received their bags. It was lost, but after talking to the luggage desk, they finally found them and loaded them up  thank Buddha!!!! But that wasn’t the end of it. The flight that Tonga had booked was for 6am not pm. We definitely screwed that one up. But luckily we were able to book flights for today in just a bit.


  • Copenhagen: We arrived to Copenhagen easily and Arrived to a hostel called Sleep in Heaven Hostel. This place was impressive. It was basically everything I wanted in my apartment. Exposed brick, clean lines, wood tables, mid-century furniture, reading nooks in bay windows, green plants everywhere. We stayed in a dormitory which was such a great first time hostel experience. Location was everything. It was just a 20 minute walk to the city center and it was surrounded with little grocery stores and cafes.
  • Santorini: We decided at the last minute to get a villa in Oia. This was definitely one of the more expensive ($200ish for 3 nights) picks of our accommodations, but we were willing to pay for the view. If we’re up for it, we’ll crash a hostel to meet people. More to come about this once we land.

Meeting people:

  • From a full day of travel, I was wiped. Normally when I do time changes, I sleep for a solid 10 hours and then I’m good to go. So naturally, I had been too hopeful to meet people at the hostel the only night we were in Copenhagen. I went in for a nap, but I knew as soon as I put my head down, I wasn’t waking up until the next day. So I didn’t get to meet anyone really, but I definitely people watched. I will come back here to find my future husband. The men are too good looking for their own good. Everyone rides a bike. At first glance there’s hundreds of bikes without being locked to a pole or bike rack. This definitely confused me because I then thought that anything goes. That anyone could just take whatever bike because that’s the kind of community that they had. We then discovered that the locks were on the back wheel and people had keys to their bikes and that they weren’t randomly taking bikes. Imagine that moment when the lightbulb went off for me. Lol. Copenhagen’s architecture is very classic and historical, which is contradicted with these modern people who are beyond hip. They’re all young professionals, which made me wonder where the heck they were all working. It felt very much like Brooklyn, but much more cultured and not gentrified.
  • On the plane ride to Athens, I met this lady who was in her 70s and still going strong. She is Greek but currently lives in Boston. This plane gave free drinks… Naturally I got juice and water. This lady was a tank. She ordered about 5 glasses of red wine and started chatting sit up with the older men in the row in front of us. They were now all encouraging each other to drink more and more. At one point she was dancing in her seat…. Without music. It was getting hella lit. But as I kept trying to nap, she kept bumping me and waking me up. She also slipped her contact info to the old men. Hella slick.

Exploring the city:

  • Copenhagen: As soon as we arrived to the hostel, we set out to drop off our things and find food. My number 1 priority at that point was food. I ended up snacking on some freshly made bread and grabbing a box of butter to dip. I can feel all e carbs I’m eating, but I don’t regret any of it. We decided on Fredriksborg castle in the city. We opts to walk and explore the city. The first thing I noticed was that the main mode of transportation was biking. I can’t believe that people bike out in the cold. It was about 30 degrees out and they were speedsters. Tonga had asked if I wanted to bike around, but from experience aka biking in D.C. and almost dying a few times then seeing people have traffic in the bike lanes as opposed to the driving get lanes was a no go for me. We continued to the castle and saw farmers markets along the way so we stopped in. The indoor markets are the dreams of a LA urban outfitters hipster, but here it seemed perfectly quaint. The coffee has been excellent, which was to be expected of Europe.


  • So we randomly stumbled upon a bread shop and as soon as I opened the door, I was hit with the amazing smell of rosemary, thyme and fresh bread. Later on we went to a Nordic Noodles, a recommended restaurant from our hostel. It was a build your own noodle dish, which was excellent. I probably shouldn’t have gone to eat Asian inspired food in Denmark, but it as actually a struggle to find an authentic restaurant. There were so many delicious looking food choices at the indoor market that we came across, but I literally ad food poisoning last week and I’m still queasy and hesitant to try new foods right now. I’ll be better in Greece.

Day 3 down!

P.S. As I was writing this on the plane, I spilled a cup of water all over my crotch…. No one around me reacted…. I’m literally sitting in a pool of water and don’t want to call the attendants because they’re mean.


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