The Rules of the Game

After 3 years of D.C., it’s time for this gal to get a little fresh air. As much as we want to have fun and relax, we’re still type A gals who are coming from the federal government. Ergo, we had laid out our trip beforehand to get the horror of logistics done. I’ll be bringing my crappy rhetoric and sarcasm to this blog unfortunately, so please don’t attack me for crappy writing…. I’m fragile.

So now the question is, “Why are you writing a blog?” DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!

As much as I hate blogs… because let’s be real, no one actually reads this stuff… I’m doing this to help myself remember this trip. If by some chance I’m getting vetted for a job, I apologize that the person who is vetting me has to read each of these posts. ( To be honest, read the about me section about why I’m doing this)

So here is a little bit about the guidelines for this trip in checklist form because I can’t completely relinquish order … remember I’m a type A:

  1. Posting
    1. I will try to post every 1-3 days…. or I just might decide to post everyday if I can… seems unlikely though.
    2. I’ve promised myself that I’d doodle something significant each day.
  2. My trip is centered around 2 things:
    1. Experiences
    2. FOOD (try a new dish in every city)
  3. Photos
    1. My main goal is to soak up everything in the way I know how… Photos. Originally I was going to pack light and keep it to a GoPro, phone, and iPad, but after debriefing with a friend, I realized that my dslr is the best way for me to capture this trip. My main concern was potentially losing my camera. The body I could part with, but the lenses I have on them are my babies and hella expensive. So opted to get cheaper lenses that would have the same sharpness and manual capabilities.
    2. I’ll be taking a Nikon D5000 body with a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 lense.
  4. Electronics
    1. Backpacking means that I’m carrying everything and for those of you who know me… I’m weak as hell. So I’m trying to be light, but then I’m a control freak so I guess I’m just going to get super buff.
    2. I’ll have the following:
      1. Phone
      2. GoPro… Because I like to go snorkeling.
      3. DSLR
      4. Laptop ( I’ve decided to bring it since I’ll be looking for jobs at the same time because I get bored easily and I finished packing and found out that I had space)
  5. Keeping in touch
    1. POSTCARDS!!!! I’ve already started my mailing list because good old fashion mail is great.
  6. Meeting new people
    1. STRANGER DANGER!!! ……….jk ….. but I have seen the movie Taken and it’s a fear of mine…and unfortunately, my parents are agents so…. I’m shit out of luck of being rescued.
    2. I just want to hear people’s experiences and how it’s gotten them to this very point.
  7. Trinket from each new city
    1. I’ll be grabbing a trinket from each city I go to to add to my keychain.

And that’s it! Questions? Concerns? You know how to contact me!


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