Freak Out

I am slightly freaking out… only slightly. I’ve been trying to get my Vietnam Visa and they need my passport, but I’ll be leaving on Wednesday. The Vietnam embassy will be closed for freaking new years until Tuesday…. Praying that if I go at 9 am, they can expedite it fast enough for me! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! …………did I mention that it’s my birthday today? Yay for my golden year!

More concerns that I’m having are that I’m conflicted about trying to find a job like a million years ago like the rest of my peers, but I haven’t found anything that is standing out to me as my next goal.  I want to focus on this trip and enjoy myself because trips like this happen once in a lifetime. I want to stay and help fight the fight, but D.C. burns you out. I’ll keep an open mind to the job search and see where life takes me.


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