Coming from an Asian American household, I’ve been told time and time again that the only way to achieve the American Dream was to become a doctor. Practically all of my cousins and my brother are in the medical field. I was on that track as well. That was until I realized that I didn’t want to be defined by a number anymore. I switched over to Studio Art and Art History with a minor in Archaeology…. a complete 180 am I right?

In my senior year of college, I was watching HGTV because I’m an old lady. I saw this Christmas documentary on the White House and was enthralled. I wondered if they had non-political internships and saw that they in fact had an internship. I had talked to a few of my advisers about what my next steps were going to be and had asked them to support me in my crazy decision to move to D.C.  I had told my parents that after graduating, I wanted to head to D.C. because it felt right. Surprisingly, they said yes and wholeheartedly supported me. I hadn’t even told them that I was planning on applying to the White House Internship Program

I ended up interning for a semester at the Human Rights Campaign before I got the call for the White House Internship for the Spring 2015. As months and months passed by, I had finally heard back…. I had been waitlisted. I was devastated but grateful at the same time… what a weird combo right? But it meant that I had a chance. At that point I was already proud of the fact that I had gotten that far I never thought that I would be talking to someone at the White House. I ended up getting picked up and could not have said YES fast enough times a million.

The rest is history! It’s been a spectacular 3 years and I’m so lucky to have found a D.C. family.


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